Social Responsibility

MARO’s development would not be possible without the commitment and potential of our employees and partners. We share our success by supporting social initiatives, cultural and sports events. We do not forget about environment - the rational use of resources is a part of our nature. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is built on 4 major pillars which drive us, with a great benefit for everyone.

  • Ecology

We perfectly know that environmental awareness is key to nature protection. We are aware that we have not recived the environment from our parents, we have just borrowed it from our children and it is the reason why we think about the future. We are aware that the high quality of our products is a result of our ecological thinking. 


Laser precision

To finish and protect the edges of the countertops we use a laser edgeband that is melted in the panel structure. This solution guarantees increased durability of connections, much better resistance to moisture, heat, mechanical damage and provides excellent hygienic properties. Thanks to laser technology in the furniture production process, we save 40% of electricity consumption and completely eliminate the presence of adhesives.


Fabrics sewn from PET bottles

We like everything that is beautiful. That’s why we immediately fell in love with fabrics made 100% of recycled PET bottles. Thanks to the specially designed weave, the fabric is incredibly durable and, at the same time, pleasant to the touch. 22 bottles go into making of one meter of this fabric. Ask our sales specialist about the ECO fabric!


Recycling every day

"We didn’t inherit the earth from our parents, we borrowed it from our children." We have been segregating waste, used cleaning cloths and packaging continuously since 1993. In our factory there are as many as 8 waste bins of different types, located in strategic places, which, when filled, are given to specialized companies. Thanks to this approach, we not only meet but exceed statutory minimums for waste segregation.


Environmentally friendly adhesives

For elements that require gluing, we use water glue, produced from natural ingredients from food processing - from annual plants. This approach prevents deforestation and ensures 100% biodegradability of our adhesives. In addition, its use is associated with a lack of formaldehyde emissions from our products.


Polymer revolution

At MARO, we are enthusiasts of modern solutions that reduce our impact on the natural environment. An example could be polymer drawers consisting of 95% ingredients of natural origin (including recycled wood and seed shells). With this revolutionary mix, we save 4.5 liters of crude oil I comparison to a traditional plastic drawer. It saves up to 155,000 liters per year. Ask our adviser about the ECO drawer!


Green energy

When developing the zero wate idea, we try to avoid wasting any elements in the production process. Thanks to production optimization, the amount of waste is reduced to a minimum. However, what remains a post-production waste, we recycle or converted into energy.


We do not destroy homes

Forest is one of the basic terrestrial ecosystems. It ensures the balance of the natural environment, stabilizes the water cycle in nature and the composition of the atmosphere, shapes the climate, protects soils against erosion, prevents floods, creates conditions to preserve the biological potential of a large number of plants and animal species. In addition, forests also have a production function - they produce wood, fruits and dozens of other products useful for man. We work only with suppliers who produce in accordance with standards and certifications supporting environmentally friendly operation and sustainable development. Components used in our furniture come from socially responsible manufacturers.


We plant more than we cut

In cooperation with our suppliers, we plant 6 new trees for every 5 trees cut down used to manufacture our furniture. The wood we use in our production comes from 100% certified and controlled crops. Thanks to this, we not only neutralize our impact on the environment, but also contribute to a better tomorrow. This is what we are required to do by the FSC certificate.


Quality and ecology as standard.

Our cabinet furniture - wardrobes, containers, shelves - are glued. Thanks to the use of  environmentally neutral adhesive, which is also characterized by high bonding strength, we can use a thinner back wall, while maintaining the same stability of the furniture as when using a standard wall. Thanks to this solution, we save over 2,300 tons of wood per year.




  • People

We make sure that our employees are satisfied and proud of the company they work for. Our priority is to provide safe working conditions. All employees are provided with necessary support and attend training courses to improve their skills. At MARO, we try to create a real community. We organize meetings and teambuilding events such as: Christmas Eves, Easter meetings or various sport events. We value equality and do not tolerate discrimination. Our employees have equal rights regardless of gender, religion or political views.

  • Sustainable development

We manage and conduct our business in an ethical and transparent way. We expect the same from our partners - we cooperate only with organizations working according to the principles of corporate social responsibility. We are responsible for the reliability of our products, therefore they meet the highest quality standards. We care about the timeliness and quality of service. We are certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and regular quality checks are carried out by our workers throughout the production process. We build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, partners and customers. We educate in the fields of ergonomics and healthy workplace.

  • Society

We are proud of the success, which we have achieved and proud that we can share it. We are responsible for the community, which we are part of.  We support local schools and NGOs.We work with foundations and support orphanages. That commitment is a result from our system of values, that we follow from the beginning of our business.