The offices of the future are to flexibility. A great deal of focus is put on common spaces, informal meeting places to provide employees with a more relaxed, less formal working atmosphere. They offer a more intelligent way of working, higher productivity and creativity, which means that offices need new spaces.

Teamwork skills are more and more valued. Office work takes on a new face, interaction between employees, quality of work, commitment and creativity are becoming/become important.

While designing the Wariant work system we focused on making interactions and people more important than processes and tools. We believe that it is a key to react to the dynamically changing business environment and, consequently, to constantly exchange knowledge and ideas.

The office space should follow the dynamic work of the team, responding to the needs of individual, teamwork, creative and analytical work.

The office as a flexible space for interaction, focus and meetings improves productivity and employee engagement. WARIANT offers agile working methods and creates an efficient working environment, not forgetting the employee, who should feel comfortable at work.




Kornelia Janowska was born in 1998 in Szczecin. In 2020 she graduated with excellent grades from the University of Arts in Poznan. Her passion for furniture has turned into a life vocation and she will continue her path as a designer in Milan at Politecnico di Milano in the field of furniture design.  

Dzianis Pilipuk was born in 2000 in Belarus in the small town of Maloryta. He spent his school years in Brest. In 2017-2020, he studied design at the University of Arts in Poznan. In the third year of his studiestogether with Kornelia Janowska, he designed a collection of office furniture in cooperation between UAP and MARO, Schattdecor, Rehau and Swiss KronoCurrently he works as an industrial designer. 


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